Spare Cash Opportunities

How To Make Spare Cash?

Extra Cash
Spare Cash Opportunities

Making Spare Cash is a lot easier nowadays!  My youngest child just turned 18 years old last month and  I’m officially an empty nester with spare time on my hands.  🙂

I’ve always had an entrepreneur-spirit about me!  As a child I collected soda bottles/cans for money at the local scrap yard in Philadelphia.   I had a paper route.   I started selling Avon products, at the sweet age of 13.

I did  work for a company or two — but soon I was a military wife/mother moving every few years and needing to find another job.  I longed to be my own boss.

Over the years I have been resourceful at finding opportunities to make the extra cash my family needed for whatever our situation demanded.  Now, in the age of the internet it is even easier to earn money from the comfort of home.  More small business opportunities are available to help turn your passions and hobbies into real money!

In this blog, I post resources and inspiration to help make the leap to be your own boss — and find the Spare Cash Opportunities unique to you!  Please Note:  Very few programs you find online will provide riches.  This blog concentrates on ‘spare cash’ — maybe even a very nice second income.  Full-time income online is possible, no doubt.  However, just as in any career, much skill, education and resourcefulness is needed.  It takes hard work — but it can be done.

Begin today to dream and build a plan to make it happen.  Yes, you can do it!


Amazon Kindle Unlimited Work at Home Ideas

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle Unlimited is a great resource for eBooks on a wide variety of topics.   Thousands of books are available on how to make money online, stay-at-home mom money making ideas, work at home opportunities, blogging, budgeting, etc.

The great thing is you can subscribe for a month and read as many books as you like on any topic — throw in a murder mystery or romance, too!  🙂  Amazon offers  a 30-day free trial and you can cancel at any time.  It’s definitely worth trying for a month or so.  I tried it for the first time before leaving for a beach vacation several years back.  I knew I would have plenty of reading time while at the beach.  I enjoyed several great novels and have been hooked ever since.

By the way, you don’t need a kindle to use Kindle Unlimited.  You can download the Kindle App to your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

Become an Kindle Unlimited Author

Maybe you have thought about writing your own book.  It’s easier than ever before.  You know longer need to hope a publisher will accept your book.    Kindle Unlimited would be a great source to check out the competition to find how what are other people are writing about, what is selling, and what’s good/bad about the niche you are thinking about writing.

Research is key to success and reading all your can on the subject matter you are interested in is very important.

If you are thinking of writing your own book you are also probably going to use Amazon’s services to publish that book.  From what I’ve read, you have the option to have your book listed in the Kindle Unlimited program and earn a royalty if someone downloads the book and reads at least 10% of it.

Try out Kindle Unlimited.  Amazon offers a free trial to it’s Kindle Unlimited Subscription service.


New Skills for Home-based Business

Gain New Skills

April2516-25off-sitewide125X125Do you  have a great idea for a new business but aren’t quite sure how to go about making it happen?  Education is key!

Recently, I wanted to learn more about blogging and SEO marketing.  Bits and pieces of information are all over the internet but nothing giving step-by-step instructions could be found.

Finally, I got over my shyness and asked questions on forums/chats, etc.  Spending money on something that wasn’t the right thing for me would be a waste of time.  Even $10 on something was too much if it was just another spam site or junk I could find elsewhere online.

Finally I found — with courses on a wide variety of subjects.  I found myself watching preview video after preview video on many different topics — mainly because my focus was so broad.  Watching the preview videos helped me gather my thoughts and ideas and decide on a plan of action. offers courses written and designed by experts in the field.   Every course has a few segments of free video previews so you can get a good idea if the course is what you are looking for.  By browsing several different courses/authors I learned a great deal on the subjects that interested me without spending a dime.

I finally settled on a course that taught more advanced topics on SEO and WordPress for only $10 (regularly $190).

It’s free to join Udemy and watch as many preview videos as you want.  Plenty of free courses are also available.

All courses come with a 100% no questions asked guarantee, so even if you do spend $10 on a course you can get a refund if you totally hate it.  Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments.

Start learning on Udemy today!


Home-Based Business Ideas

Brainstorming Extra Cash Ideas

home business
2016 Home based business ideas

Sometimes we just need to make a list of ideas even if the ideas seem silly or far-fetched.

Here’s a list of possible home-based businesses I came up with in 15 minutes of thinking and writing.  Maybe something on this list will strike you as a possibility.  If so, google it and see where the idea takes you.

Better yet, take the time now to make your own list — then compare it to the one below.  Have some new ones?  Leave a comment.  🙂

40 Great Home-based Business Ideas to try in 2016

  1. Direct Marketing products (Avon, Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.)
  2. Dog Groomer
  3. Party Planner
  4. Event Planner
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Call-center Agent
  7. Web Designer
  8. Daycare Provider
  9. Flipper (buy items at flea markets/thrift stores) and sell on Ebay
  10. Etsy (crafts)
  11. Teach Sewing Classes to kids/adults
  12. Piano Lessons
  13. Tutoring
  14. Senior Care
  15. Musician
  16. Clown
  17. Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
  18. Beauty Consultant
  19. Resume Writer
  20. Editor
  21. Ghostwriter
  22. Transcriber
  23. Author (publish your own eBook)
  24. Jewelry Maker
  25. Professional Home Stager
  26. Hair Stylist
  27. Pet Sitter
  28. Gift Basket Arranger (especially in tourist areas)
  29. Photographer
  30. Cook/Baker
  31. Wedding Cake Maker
  32. Wedding Planner/Consultant
  33. Seamstress
  34. Caterer
  35. Florists
  36. Life Coach
  37. Blogger
  38. Mystery Shopper
  39. Travel Agent/Planner
  40. Christmas Decorator

As you can see the list is random — just whatever came to my head.  Over the years I’ve done a few of these — all depends on your situation and local area.  Sometimes we have to try a few things before we find the perfect niche that will work.  Good Luck!





Drive for Uber and Earn

Spare Cash by Uber

I used Uber for the very first time as a rider just this past summer.  I must admit I was a bit leary about the whole thing.  I was worried we’d get some crazy wacko driver who didn’t know where he was going — or a run down car that wouldn’t get us to our destination.

But I was very pleasantly surprised to find Uber to be far superior to the local taxi company we usually use in Orlando, Florida.   Before leaving for our Disney World trip I downloaded the Uber app and also had a nice promo code for $15 off first trip.

On the morning we needed a ride to the local church at Disney I ordered a car and with 5 minutes the driver arrived in a nice minivan (we were a party of 6).  And, for the first time ever we made it to the church in 10 minutes — he took the most direct route straight down World Drive instead of making us go in I-4 and go in the back way to Celebration Station.   On our return trip back to the resort, I again placed an order for a driver and she showed up in 4 minutes with another minivan — in fact, she happened to me a parishioner at the church we had just attended.  I was amazed at the friendliness of both drivers and am now totally sold on Uber and will never go back to taxi rides again.

The experience was so great I highly recommend anyone to consider becoming an Uber driver is you need some extra income.


UBER NEEDS PARTNERS LIKE YOU. Drive with Uber and earn great money as an independent contractor. Get paid weekly just for helping our community of riders get rides around town. Be your own boss and get paid in fares for driving on your own schedule. Click here to sign up to drive.


Instant Gift Cards from Surveys

InstaGC — Another Great Paid Survey Site

InstaGC (instant gift cards) has been around for about six years or so.  It has a very active membership base.  An active CHAT box shows members are constantly talking with one another.  Members are also very helpful with ideas on how to boost your earnings.   Under the chat box is a ‘ticker’ with all the offers being approved in real time.  It’s quite amazing to watch — hundreds of offers must be approved every hour.

One secret to success with this site is to watch that ticker and complete the offers that are currently crediting.  It’s great!  The site also provides a TON of videos that you can watch.  I often set my computer to play the videos and complete an offer and/or survey white the videos are playing.

Daily Surveys such as Live Sample and others are also available on this site and generally pay substantially more than other similar sites.  At the time of this writing a Live Sample survey is worth $1.05.

The site also hosts a number of sweepstakes.  The daily sweepstakes is free to enter each day.  I’ve one this one a few times.  There are also 6 additional sweepstakes which you can join on a continuous basis.  Each sweepstakes has a certain number of entries available.  Once all the entries have been sold the sweepstakes is drawn automatically and a winner announced.  The 100 and 500 point sweepstakes take only a few hours to run each day — so join in the fun and take a chance every now and then to win.

Payments are in the form of Gift cards which you receive instantly.  My favorite redemption method is Amazon Gift Cards — I constantly update my gift card balance at Amazon and this way I always have money in my account for whatever I might need.  It feeds my amazon addiction.  🙂  However, you can easily see that InstaGC has hundreds of different gift cards to choose from.  I also believe they have Paypal as an option (though I haven’t used that method on this site).



One of the best Paid Survey Sites

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

As I mentioned before, I only recommend paid survey sites that I have personally used.  Swagbucks has been around for over ten years!

Before joining Swagbucks I thought they were just a search and earn site.  They are that — but so much more.

I earn a few hundred dollars a month with Swagbucks and this is how:

  1.  Daily goal setting – everyday I  try to hit my daily goal every day — that way I get a bonus the next month.  Check the site out and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. Complete a few surveys every day — that’s about $2 or so. Could be more too.
  3. Play a few FREE games — just a few points here but it’s easy and free
  4. Complete the daily poll and daily offers — an easy 7 to 10 points without trying hard at all.
  5. Set my iPhone to watch all the videos — easy $2 per day
  6. Buy gift cards — if you are already shopping at certain stores why not buy the gift cards through Swagbucks and get the rewards!  More below on this.
  7. Refer others — earn at least 10% of what your referral earns, but often there are extra bonuses too.
  8. Play all the Swagos (aka bingo) and other challenges that you can read about on the Swagbucks blog.
  9. Make your online purchases through Swaybacks — I especially like using them for all my Kohl’s online purchases — and you can use the 30% off codes too.

Now, about those gift card purchases.  Swagbucks often has a 100 bonus for purchasing a gift card.  When they do I buy restaurant gift cards.  My husband and I like have a date night at local place like Applebees.  I buy a $25 gift card and get a $3 bonus from Swaybacks — and I use my credit card for the purchase and earn additional rewards through my credit card.  And, of course, I try to find a local coupon for Applebees — or sign up for their email list and I get $5 off coupons all the time.  It makes date night affordable!



Points2Shop Paid Surveys

Points2Shop Provides lots of Surveys

Points2Shop is another great paid survey site, which also offers a variety of other type of offers to complete — including videos!

I’ve been a member for 9 years and have been paid every time.  I usually redeem my earnings for Amazon gift cards here too (just like InstaGC).  However, members can also do a custom Amazon order if they want.  They also offer Paypal, check and a large variety of other payment options.

Points2Shop offers a variety of surveys.  What I like most about this site is the detailed information they give you before completing a survey.  They tell you the approximate time to complete the survey (which seems more accurate than other sites).  Additionally, they provide a ranking system from other members.  I complete only the offers that I see have been completed by a large number of other members.  I figure if that many had success completing the offer I also have a good chance of not getting disqualified.

Give Points2Shop a try … you can cash out with just $1 earnings and you should reach that pretty quickly.



LiveOps Work at Home Jobs

Call Center Work at Home

Liveops has been around since about 2001 — so they are an establish company that has paid many workers.  They provide an opportunity to work as a  call center agent from the comfort of your own home.  Once you are set up to begin taking calls you set your schedule online and begin working.  Most ops pay around $10/hour, but with experience and/or commissions you can earn more.

A variety of well-known companies contract with LiveOps in order to handle their customer service call center needs.  I’ve heard that Disney is one company that you can work for through LiveOps.


A background check is required — and you must pay for it (around $75).  I usually would say run far, far away from paying anything to work for a company such as this.  However, since this is an established company the costs for the background check is legitimate.  Of course, do your own due diligence.  Google “LiveOps Reviews” and make your own decision as to whether or not it’s work your time/money to get involved with this company.

My own research shows that it can be a very profitable avenue if you are looking for an opportunity to work at home.  However, there will definitely be up-front costs.  This is very much like starting your own company.  In fact, you will be required to provide an EIN tax number — which is standard procedure for most start-up business ventures.

To learn more about opportunities at LiveOps, click here.


LeapForce Work at Home Opportunity

Work from Home with LeapForce

Leap ForceLeapForce is a legitimate work at home opportunity.  Working for LeapForce entails rating Google websites for search engine ranking.  You can make approximately $13-$17/hour, and set their own schedule.  It sounds like a work at home opportunity that can be a lot of fun and interesting.  The pay isn’t bad when you consider you don’t have to leave your home (so no clothing expensive and no car expenses).

A personal computer is required, along with a reliable internet connection, and virus/anti-spyware software.  You should have excellent research skills!

Unlike the Amazon Virtual Work at Home opportunity, you are NOT an employee of LeapForce but rather an independent contractor.  This means you will have to take care of your own taxes and be sure to file the appropriate tax forms each year.

Some negative points about working for LeapForce:

  • Training is provided but  you are not paid for the time it takes you to train.
  • Examinations are required to get the job — if you don’t pass you don’t get the job.
  • Inconsistent amounts of work — some weeks you get work, other weeks you don’t

Obviously, this is definitely not a full-time gig and not something to depend upon — just something extra for spare cash.

LeapForce hires from the following countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and South Korea.

To check for current openings, click here.